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Does life get much cuter than this ?

September 26, 2012 Leave a comment

So here are some pictures that I’ve posted to facebook, but thought I’d post them on my blog here too.  These pictures come from a few different sessions.   One of them from when she turned 11 months and the others are all at 12 months.    I love her eyes, her eye lashes, her cute little teeth when they peek through.   I’m in love with my little girl!!

Here she is at 11 months. 

I just love the little wrinkles you can see in her belly! 

She posed like this all on her own.

I wasn’t even planning on a photo shoot when I captured this one.  She was wondering about the front of our house and ended up on the

neighbors porch.  AND … I just happened to have my camera in hand and took some fun pictures of her. 

This is my favorite.

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