Get To Know Me

I’m a stay at home mom to five lovely children.  Well at least they are all lovely while sleeping, or awake and not fighting.  hehe..  I enjoy reading, digital scrapbooking, and most recently have decided to get into photography.  I want a place to kind of showcase some of those things.  And other stuff as the mood or time arises.   If you have any questions just ask, the worst that can happen is I answer honestly and you find out I’m a monster or something from your worst nightmare. it the best I can, or I decide I’m not at liberty to expose that information.  But it doesn’t hurt to try, right.   I LOVE comments, so don’t feel shy, please leave me feedback, but try to be restrained if you feel the need to really lay it in to me, because something I post is really THAT BAD.  But really I’ll understand, so it’s okay.

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