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1 week old and PERFECT ….

October 18, 2011 1 comment

It’s Been Awhile, but I’m back!

Here’s another post for this weeks theme over at I heart faces! I’ve been a little AWOL lately because I was pregnant most of this year and not doing much in the way of photo shoots. And I had my lovely little girl on Sept 6th just a mere 6 weeks ago and have had some fun taking pictures of her. And amazingly enough I have a few I could choose from for this, it was hard to decide but I really like this shot of her …..

So peaceful while she’s asleep.  And everything about her is just PERFECT!

And I’m hoping to be making a more regular appearance here now.  Trying to adjust back into life with a newborn

and not just any newborn but my 4th daughter and 6th child altogether.  That’s what I’ve been up to lately.


Here’s McKenna

June 15, 2010 4 comments

My friend was so gracious to be patient with me, and humor me, by letting me take pictures of her baby.  This little lady loved moving her hands, so I had a hard time capturing just the right pose with her hands being still.  It was fun, but a major lesson learned.   Charge the battery, and as soon as possible buy a backup battery.

I know, I know… things I didn’t think would ever happen to me, but they did.  But now I know, and it’ll never happen again.  (It’ll be some other issue next time…hehe)

Stay tuned, more pictures to come.

I can only process a few at a time, and juggle regular duties of motherhood.