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1 week old and PERFECT ….

October 18, 2011 1 comment

It’s Been Awhile, but I’m back!

Here’s another post for this weeks theme over at I heart faces! I’ve been a little AWOL lately because I was pregnant most of this year and not doing much in the way of photo shoots. And I had my lovely little girl on Sept 6th just a mere 6 weeks ago and have had some fun taking pictures of her. And amazingly enough I have a few I could choose from for this, it was hard to decide but I really like this shot of her …..

So peaceful while she’s asleep.  And everything about her is just PERFECT!

And I’m hoping to be making a more regular appearance here now.  Trying to adjust back into life with a newborn

and not just any newborn but my 4th daughter and 6th child altogether.  That’s what I’ve been up to lately.


Fix it Fridays…

July 23, 2010 4 comments

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve attempted a Fix it Friday with I heart faces!!  But I think I’m getting my game back on… or at least pretending to.   This week I had a lot of fun with this picture …. the girls are gorgeous the scenery is gorgeous… so I just had fun playing with it …. so here are my two favorite edits I came up with. 

Original Picture. 
Edit #1  — This one was fun because of the muted tones in the picture!!  I love the “vintage” feel of it as well.  Almost kind of day dreamy.  I actually used a coffee shop action called CoffeeShop Creamy Chocolate B&W  but I added a little of the color on the B&W layer to achieve this. I also cropped it in a little and came up with this.  Totally love it!!

Edit #2   — This one I had more fun with letting the color POP out of the picture!!  I also used the CoffeeShop’s Perfect Portrait on this edit.  

I use PSE 4.0 for my editing and sometimes I use Photoscape, but today I didn’t use photoscape.

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Fix It Friday May 28, 2010

Okay it’s the last day of school for my kids, and I’m excited about that!!  But, it’s also Fix it Friday’s over at I ♥ Faces.   Where someone submits a photo that they would like to have worked on.

Which isn’t really a bad image at all. But here’s what the contributor had to say:

This week’s photo was submitted by JaimeLee at Candidly Grateful (Fun Fact: Angie had an awesome surprise at Amy Wenzel’s workshop when she got to meet JaimeLee there!) Here is what she wrote about her photo: “This is a photo of my twins at 6 weeks old. I love the photo because of their interaction and their faces, but I feel like it’s a little drab or flat. It needs some life.”

Original Image

Since I’ve just completed portraits for two different newborns this week.  I couldn’t resist to play around with this one!! So much fun.  I probably went a little overboard… but I have 4 fixes.  I use PSE 4.0 and Photoscape to edit my pictures.

In PSE 4.0 I found a way to run some of the Coffeshop Actions on my pictures. (Which I’m loving by the way)   On this first fix, I ran the  coffeeshop faded day dream action.    And cropped it down a little.

On this second one, I ran Coffeshop Perfect Portrait action, and love the pop factor that it gives these two lovely babies.   And I did a slight different crop on this one.

On this third fix, I used the saved image from the second fix, and opened up Photoscape and did a cross process middle filter, along with a cinema low filter.   I love the color pop on the wall!

And on this last fix, I decided to focus in on the hands and blur

out the rest.  It’s easy to achieve this using photoscape.  So I used the first fix jpeg and opened it up in Photoscape.  I changed the luminance curve to brighten it a few notches, and then used the out of focus region filter on it, and kept the hands in focus, while blurring out the rest.

I seriously had to stop there, or I’d find cute ways to spiff this picture up a lot more times.   Be sure to stop by at  I ♥ Faces for more great Fix it Friday edits. There are seriously so many talented people who do this!!

Fix it Friday May 21, 2010

May 21, 2010 4 comments

Once again it’s Friday, and I get to practice some editing.  I’ve linked up with I ♥ faces where you can go and check out more awesome edits!!

This week’s photo was submitted by Shelle from Mommy Can’t Sing. She wrote: “This is a photo of my 16 months old baby girl. I am currently doing a 365 challenge where I take at least one photo per day. This was one of the photos. Unfortunately, before Daylight Savings a lot of time I was scrambling to take a photo before the light was gone. Well, in this photo it was beyond gone! But my baby was sitting there so sweetly that I couldn’t resist taking her photo. The color is bad and the background is messy, but just love her face!”

Here we have the original image.

I realize that I really want some better editing software. Guess I better start saving up!!

For all of my edits I just used Photoscape which I downloaded from the internet. And I love it!! Although it doesn’t do everything that I wish it did.

I wish I had the capabilities of “brightening the eyes”.

Here is my second edit.

I ♥ Faces — faces & flowers

May 18, 2010 5 comments

I decided to link up with the photo challenge this week at I  3 ♥ faces.  This little lady is nothing but sweetness, and full of excitement and love.

Be sure to swing on over to I ♥ Faces for more faces and flowers  photos. 

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