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Love is in the air ….

So, I had the chance to photograph my second wedding yesterday.   The phone call came just hours,  less than 3 – I think – before the wedding was to begin. This call caught me completely off guard as I was only going to be a second shooter for this wedding.   But that was not to be…. 

This was only my second wedding to photograph, and I loved it!   I didn’t have time to get nervous, and anxious.  

I realize now that there are things I wish I would have noticed sooner.  But oh well.   

Here are a few teaser shots ….  (the mother of the bride is a sweetheart and is going crazy over the teasers so far) 



The conditions were not ideal …. well mostly they weren’t ideal.  It was middle of the day, but luckily there was cloud cover, and they were darker clouds – the kind that produce rain.  We did get a few sprinkles right before the bride and groom came out of the Temple.   It was windy – to the point of having hair fly up all over, and ties were flipped back over the shoulders looking like a noose.   I was really terrified of how some of these would turn out.  But I was pleasantly surprised.   I really enjoyed spending this special day with this couple and their family. 


I think more and more, I really want to get more into doing weddings.  Why?  Well when I was married a little over 14 years ago, we were so poor and didn’t think to hire a photographer for the occasion.  We thought just having family and friends take pictures with a disposable camera (since that’s what my mother in law purchased to be used) would be good enough.   That’s the ONE REGRET that we both have, that we don’t have really great pictures from our wedding.  So I’ve been learning all I can to improve my ability to capture a great shot, so that one day I can take this to the next step.

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