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My First Wedding Photo Shoot …

A long story on it’s own, but the short version goes something like this.  I knew the bride, asked her who her photographer was going to be and I happened to know that lady as well.  Asked the photographer if I could go along as a second shooter to this wedding.  I did this about three months before the wedding was to take place, or maybe it was just two months.  Oh well.   The day before the wedding, the photographer who was due Jan. 1st 2011 to have her 4th child had an appointment at which some procedures were done and she was starting to have contractions.  Uh?? What??
She called me that afternoon and asked me if I was still serious about going and wouldn’t mind being the “photographer”.  HUH?? Are you kidding me!!??   I was so NERVOUS to say the least.  Because HELLO, this was a wedding we were talking about.

Luckily the parents of the bride understood the delicate situation at hand and were very patient with me. And the bride and groom as well.

So after all was said and done, I discovered I had captured a few shots that I just love !!

This here collage I created of some of my favorite pictures from the day, is sized to be 20×23.

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